Investment Club Software

iValuation is the new name for the popular Cow2000 investment club software, used by thousands of investment clubs in the UK and around the World. iValuation for Microsoft Windows is the simple and reliable way to maintain your investment club accounts.




Alan Gould, Wolds Investment Club, April 2007
iValuation is ideally suited for the beginner calculating both the value of member's units and working out the complex details for the member's Tax Returns. Most important of all and I cannot recommend this highly enough, is the fantastic on line support on offer. Changing computers really made life difficult but the prompt and helpful support was constantly there until all my problems had been solved. Thank you.

Keith Kerr, Two Piers Investment Club, September 2005
Fantastic. It demonstrates that Software Exception has a thorough understanding of investment clubs and their legal responsibilities. Simple and straightforward to use and it does what it says on the tin. Well done and hearty congratulations.

Alan Keys, Lewes Martlets Investment Club, November 2004
I am hugely impressed with the support and you can quote me to other customers. You have been quick, conscientious, first class with the information and friendly. What more could one ask?.

Mark Goodson, author "The Motley Fool's Guide To Investment Clubs", June 2000
The purchase of this program has proved to be one of our best investments. Why? Well, as Treasurer, it would have been my job to have calculated all the unit values every month as well as calculating the selling back to the club of the departing members units. I have a day job! This takes time I can ill afford! No -- let the computer take the strain and the procedure for paying off a departing member is really simple. You can even sell units back at a unit price different to the current months value. Really easy.